Protect your credit

NEW! The credit reporting agencies now must provide you with one free credit report a year.

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You won't get a credit score for free but your report will contain any derogatory information and if it is wrong you can immediately start the process to get it removed from your records.

Lenders are now required to provide you with a copy of your credit report.

Since your goal is to buy a house and the best loan possible, it is very helpful to improve your credit and improve your income to debt ratios. So when getting ready to buy a house:

If your credit is poor, or if you want to improve it, there are legal ways to do so. Be careful of the multitude of scams on the internet and late-night TV that claim to do this. There are local credit counciling services and consider contacting some of the lending and credit repair resources under this web site's people resources. Ask me for more information.