Should I sell?

Before putting your property on the market consider why your are thinking about doing so. Your reasons might include: Sell in the shortest amount of time. Sell for highest possible price, and how long it takes is less important. Relocate to a new home in another area as soon as possible (because of a job transfer for instance). Move to another location in this area (upgrading or downsizing you home). Free up capital for new investment opportunities.

It might be better not sell. If there is good home appreciation you might not want to sell right now. If the market poor for selling and interest rates are forecast to fall you might want wait.

Real estate is a great investment and if need to move but can afford to buy a new place without selling your current home, renting out your old home can make a lot of sense. If you don't want to manage the rental yourself, consider professional property management to do so for you.