We live out of state and recently purchased a home in Manchester, WA. We were unable to view the property in person but Danny e-mailed video with audio comments so that we could see and hear about the home. He arranged for inspections and workmen and was there to oversee their services. We found Danny to be professional, honest and hard working. We will have him represent us in the future and we highly recommend him to anyone who may need a realtor.

Bev and Don Emery

Aside from giving me the money for the house, you did everything to be expected of a real estate agent! You were very personable and showed a genuine interest in getting me the house. Gave your personal and profession opinion about each property that we looked at, whether I liked the property or not. Made all the right phone calls and if I didn't have time to do it, then you were very willing to do it. It didn't matter what time of day or night.

Christopher Davis

With all of the pressure and with all the things that go on when you buy a house, Danny made it a very positive experience. We even had the added pressure of a competing buyer and we think the reason we got the house was because Danny was so proactive. Danny called the listing agent repeatedly making sure he was up to date on every step we were taking. Danny really courted the seller and put a face to our bid, making sure we got the house. Danny's patience with us during all this, as nervous buyers, was phenomenal.

On a scale of one to ten, for us it was definitely a ten. There was nothing that we felt could have been done better, we never felt out of control despite the very short escrow requested by the seller. It was an amazing experience for us. In the end, all the loose ends were tied up and we never felt like there was a ball dropped ... anywhere. Being so far away, out of state, that was very comforting for us. Not being here with a hand on the pulse ourselves, we felt it was all taken care of. We would recommend Danny to all our friends, in fact we already have.

Karma and Joseph Forester

I've sold about eight properties and on a scale of 1 to 10, Id rate your service a 10! I enjoyed working with you because you were thorough, you followed through on everything. We had quite a problem with another piece of real estate I sold because I had legal problems. On this transaction, you followed through on a legal issue really well, making sure everything went through escrow. Id recommend you to others because you're honest, you're thorough, and you follow through as far as getting a piece of property sold.

Jim McCue

You listened to what we wanted to look at. I liked the feedback. The fact that you were constantly keeping in touch and letting me know what was going on. You went out of your way to keep us informed, to let us know if there were any problems along the way to say, "look out for this" and "look out for that". I have not had occasion to deal with agents that much, but of those I'd rate you the best of those I have ever dealt with. Would I recommend Danny to other people? In a heartbeat!

Charles Hayes

Danny knew, we only had 4 days to find a house before we left town again for another two weeks. He was with us from sun-up to sun-down until we found the house that we liked, he didn't quit until we quit.

We told Danny what we wanted and he brought us several houses to look at. We finally decided on the house we're in now and it was a great choice, great realtor, and we had nothing but a good time in working with Mr. Horovitz.

We went on vacation and Danny took the time to fax us all the paper work we needed in the middle in escrow. While we were out of town he made sure to stay in contact with us. He took care of our inspections, he took care of Everything we needed while we weren't even in the area - he made sure everything went through without a hitch.

We'd give Danny a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10!

Tony and Vicki Guist

Phil & Katy McCormick
276 Rich Valley Rd
Carlisle PA 17013

November 16, 2004

RE: Danny Horovitz

Dear: Dennis Morrow, Linda Pandino:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Danny Horovitz for an outstanding job in regards to selling our house in Port Orchard. Danny handled every aspect of this transaction with true professionalism and tenacity. His approach, attention to detail and the extra time he spent to make sure every detail was taken care of, was exemplary.

We live in Pennsylvania and trying to sell a house long distance could have been very difficult however, with Danny handling this transaction there was nothing to worry about because we knew he would take care of any situation that would arise.

He is a true professional and asset to your team.

Respectfully, Phil & Katy McCormick